Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Friends and Esteemed Readers,

In this blog, I have tried to document the latest research about the origins of Western and Christian Imperialism. It takes at least 4 to 5 hours to go through the materials and videos but I believe the effort will be well worth your time. I have listed a few of my own observations only at the end.

Christianity has been responsible for the systematic erasure of countless cultures across continents and centuries while proclaiming to advance the holy "designs" of the One True and Only God. But, as I will show, Imperialism is not an incidental development to the essentially spiritual teachings of Christianity; In fact, the historical evidence points to the exact opposite phenomenon: that Christianity is really war propaganda masquerading as spirituality and that Christianity is imperialist by structure. We tend to dismiss Imperialism as a constituent property of Christianity only because it has a unique ability to falsely implicate the native victims as the real aggressors, not merely at the level of rhetoric but with all the force of theology and conviction of revisionist history.

You will see what I mean if you go through the materials below.

Many of the Western Categories that are prevalent today (e.g. Secularism, Modernity, Orientalism) are directly derived from Christianity; that is to say, the type of war propaganda represented by Christianity is being replicated in many native societies today under such guises as Liberty and Freedom (think of Bush's war in Iraq). Any native who raises objections immediately gets branded as communal, retrograde, refractory, and regressive, just as the ancients were vilified as "unsaved" heathens by the believers of the One True God.

Lastly, after all the demonization, iconoclasm, and deculturation of native societies, a "filler" identity (pagan, heathen, black, hindu) is installed in place of the assaulted native identity. This identity is ideologically oriented since only ideological identities are amenable to propaganda. The previous pre-religious identities had been nonideological, i.e. cultural.

QUOTE: Solution is to expose the methodology and how it is done in the past.

Next show how they make the native population follow the same method to make the native traditions as the oppressor. Indian intellectuals have to see the pattern from the history.

Indian history, Indian education is changed to show the violence and depravity in the Hindu traditions. This grand project is still going on. ENDQUOTE.

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